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China Manufacturing and Sourcing Services

DARCO has over 30+ years of manufacturing experience in China providing full service custom manufacturing and sourcing solutions.  There is more to manufacturing than low cost labor and low cost pricing.  There is a responsibility for precise quality control and securing long term reliable relationships that can deliver a quality product with an on-time delivery so that your team can focus on what they do best – product development, sales and marketing. 


The benefits to offshore manufacturing can be substantial if done correctly.  Is offshore manufacturing right for you?  Let us help you find out.

Asia Business Commercialization Services

Whether you wish to increase sales, explore the possibilities of market-entry, establish a business entity, register your medical device products, need on-the-ground trouble shooting, conduct initial research or just curious if China is a potential market for your business, we can help you consider your options.

Our team is ready to help you navigate the complexities of market entry and expansion by providing the strategies and execution services that will position your company for success.​

  • Market Entry and Growth Services

  • Execution Services

  • Regulatory Services

  • Research Services

Business Advisory

Considering an investment in China; need to understand local government policy; need advice on how to structure or negotiate a deal?  The professionals at DARCO can provide you guidance and strategies to protect your investment while minimizing risk. 

China Advisory Services:

  • Business Advisory

  • Risk Assessment

  • Deal Assessment

  • Management Consulting

  • Government Policy and Negotiation

Reaching a Deal
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Our Business is Growing Your Business




Whether you are interested in expanding into the Asian marketplace or are interested in manufacturing or sourcing overseas, our team is ready to help you navigate the complexities of the region to ensure success.

We provide these services within the medical devices, consumer products, beauty, health & wellness, small electrics, life sciences and industrial areas.

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Home Service


Joint Venture Factory


The Boon Group joined forces with DARCO International Corporation through a Joint Venture agreement utilizing DARCO’s global sales and marketing relationships to promote Boon’s manufacturing services. DARCO is a US based global sales and marketing company providing quality products to the health care industry with over 30 years of manufacturing experience in China.

Boon was founded in 1990 and is a comprehensive manufacturing enterprise integrating product development, production, sales and service of disposable sterile medical consumables. Boon is fully licensed to manufacturer under FDA, CE, CFDA and Canada MDL. The company manufacturers disposable sterilize angiographic syringes, high pressure radiography injectors and accessories, infusion pump apparatus, automatic exhaust infusion sets, sterile injection needles, intravenous infusion needles, vacuum blood tubes (vein blood specimen collection devices), vein blood taking needles, vaginal dilators and specimen bags.

They are a GMP facility certified under ISO9001, ISO13485. They were the first company to be recognized by the Quality Assured Label Enterprises with the approval of China Association for Medical Devices Industry, Chinese Nursing Association, CFCP, director unit of Macromolecule Branch of China Association for Medical Devices and Vice Chairman Unit of Shenzhen Association for the Medical Devices.

Boon operates a state of the art facility which includes an 86,000 sq. ft. clean room and is located on a 12.5 acre campus.

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Our Business is Growing Your Business

DARCO Co-Founder, David Ruben pioneered the art of manufacturing and importing goods from China to the US in his early career at Windmere (WYN) now Black and Decker.  He was one of the first Americans to visit China when President Nixon’s diplomatic initiative began modern US trade there.  He spent the early career living in the region building and overseeing product development and manufacturing of the factories that supplied Windmere and its OEM clients product. 

Co-Founder, Ann Hamilton Ruben started her career in China in operational management early in her career within consumer products.  For over two decades, she has been instrumental in establishing the company’s organizational structure and systems it uses to ensure its process metrics.  Under her management, the Company has successfully delivered professional services to various clients. 

Today this American-owned company and its full services team boasts a reputation for being experts in providing services to companies interested in doing business in Asia. 


Consumer Products

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High Pressure Angiographic Syringes, Tubing and Accessories

DARCO Introduces New Product Line

DARCO is introducing a new line of Single-Use High Pressure Angiographic Syringes, Kits and Accessories – inspired by clinicians – for clinicians.  Should you be interested in learning about these products please visit the SMP website.

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