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ABOUT US - Women Owned Business

Experts in Medical Device Manufacturing and Distribution

DARCO Co-Founder and CEO, David Ruben pioneered the art of manufacturing and importing goods from China to the US in his early career at Windmere (WYN) now Black and Decker.  He was one of the first Americans to visit China when President Nixon’s diplomatic initiative began modern US trade there.  He spent the early career living in the region building and overseeing product development and manufacturing of the factories that supplied Windmere and its other OEM clients medical and consumer product. 

Co-Founder, President and COO, Ann Hamilton Ruben started her career in Banking and China  operational management early in her career within consumer products category.  She has been instrumental in establishing and growing the company’s organizational structure, systems and process that allows DARCO to surpass its competitors. Under her management, the Company has successfully delivered professional services to various clients. 

Today this woman owned company and its full services team holds its reputation for being experts in providing services to companies interested in manufacturing or sourcing in APAC, international companies looking to expand their footprint into China or foreign companies looking to enter the US medical device marketplace.

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