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Let DARCO Be The One You Rely On

Manufacturing and Sourcing

DARCO has over 40 years of manufacturing and sourcing experience in the APAC region, and we can provide turnkey services for companies who are looking to outsource their manufacturing activities. The task of strategic manufacturing, sourcing and procurement can be labor intensive, cumbersome, and costly.  We will help remove the burden by simplifying the process and minimizing the risk.   Our team is on-the-ground and familiar with bridging the communication and cultural gap to ensure your success.


  • Factory Selection and Qualification

  • Pricing Negotiations

  • Product Development

  • Finished Goods Inspections

  • Production Management

  • Sourcing Projects

  • Logistics

  • Contract Manufacturing

USA Medical Device Distribution 

Our team understands the challenges of the USA marketplace and is ready to help you decide on the best path for your project.  We can act as the FDA Agent, Importer and Distributor or can provide services to assist your market entry. Whether you wish to increase sales by finding a distributor, exploring the possibility of market entry on your own, or are just curious if the USA is a potential market for your business, we can help you consider the options and devise a strategy to position your company for success.  Let DARCO be the one you can rely on.


  • Market Evaluation

  • Market Entry 

  • Growth Strategies

  • Regulatory 

  • FDA Agent 

  • Partner/Distributor Search

APAC Medical Device Distribution

Whether you are curious if APAC is a potential market for your business, wish to conduct initial market intelligence, understand the regulatory process and requirements, increase existing sales, export products into Asia, or just need on-the-ground trouble shooting, we can help you consider your options and devise a strategy to position your company for success. Our team is a sophisticated group of business professionals with decades of practical experience in the region, We can help you navigate the complexities of the region.



  • Market Evaluation

  • Market Entry 

  • Growth Strategies

  • Due Diligence

  • Partner/Distributor Search

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